“Michael Jordan Picks You Up In His Little Porsche”: Deion Sanders Recalled the First Time He Spent Time With MJ

“Michael Jordan Picks You Up In His Little Porche”: Deion Sanders Recalled the First Time He Spent Time With MJ

Deion Sanders and Michael Jordan are the two great names that come to mind when talking about the sport of football and basketball, respectively.

In October of 2023, when the Buffs were still finding their pace, Coach Prime in one of his interviews recalled his first private meetup with MJ. The interview was captured by the ‘Reach The People Media’ YouTube account.

Deion Sanders during the interview was asked about the sporting greats that he has crossed paths with, and just like any other GOAT conversation, the very first name that came out of his mouth was Michael Jordan’s.

Deion Sanders Talks About His First Meetup With Michael Jordan

Despite being widely considered the GOATs of their own sports, they did share a keen interest in baseball. However, Prime referred to the time when he was playing for the Atlanta Braves and was in the city of Chicago to play the Cubs.

“I remember when he came to pick me up one time we were playing against the Cubs,” Prime said. “And he came to pick me up in Chicago. And you know just, him and I being together riding around town was something in the conversations.”

When asked to elaborate on his time spent with MJ, Coach added, “I was playing for the Braves. He came by. First of all, it’s Michael Jordan picks you up in his little Porsche and we go into a restaurant, and security all around us and everything. And it was just that was the first time we ever spent time together alone outside of the crowds and the clicks and all that stuff.”

“It was just, ‘What’s up dog?’ You know like ‘Man this is your city man what’s going on?’ I mean it was like it wasn’t the questions that I would ask, it was just a conversation of like two dudes that are playing at a very high level and we had so much respect for one another. And it was just life, it was just part of life.”

Coach Prime Reveals His List of All-Time Big Players

Although the bond between Deion Sanders and Michael Jordan has been a special one, but Prime also dished a few other names that he believed were the big cats in the sporting world other than him.

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One of the names that he mentioned multiple times was Bo Jackson. It was no surprise to hear the name from him since, Prime has often been vocal about how Bo Jackson has been the best athlete that he has come across, which was fair to assume since Bo dominated the turfs of both football and baseball, something that Prime himself wanted to achieve more of.

Other names that Deion Sanders couldn’t help but mention were Barry Bonds, Ricky Henderson, and Jerry Rice. Of course, the answers were a little time-biased since they were all sporting greats from his time as a pro athlete. But who is to say that the new gens are any better than the OGs?

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