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Those who are an active follower of Deion Sanders on social media know perfectly well how much the NFL legend likes to talk about life lessons. Sharing at least one each day, Prime hasn’t skipped a beat in motivating and elevating people around him even when things don’t go his way.

Prime serves a bigger purpose as the head coach of the Colorado Buffaloes. Not only is he creating a coaching legacy of his own but he is also making men out of boys. One big method of doing this is by teaching them life lessons without which their lives will be without a pole star.

Deion Sanders States Walking Away Is Sometimes the Best Option

Coach Prime in his recent life lesson online talked about walking away from conflicts that could escalate into something that is completely unnecessary and problematic to deal with. It could have adverse effects on the people involved and the people around.

“Learn to walk-away without conflict, profanity, anger or the spirit of ‘You’ got to get the last word in,” Prime tweeted. “The things that could’ve killed me I learned to walk away from. That don’t make u soft it makes u wise. Live to see another day & opportunity by walking away.”

Deion was addressing the violence that has resulted in the deaths of many innocent lives. And while doing so he stated how it’s not soft to walk away from a fight or an argument that could have life-threatening consequences.

Prime mentioned how this advice had saved his life numerous times as the two-time Super Bowl champion grew up in a rough neighborhood in Fort Myers, Florida.

Coach Prime Chose Which Battles Were Worth Fighting

Growing up in Fort Myers, Deion was always a disciplined child as stated by his mother Connie Knight. Back then Prime was just a quiet kid with big ambitions to give his mother the life that she deserved. So he rooted his life around sports instead of alcohol or drugs.

His mother once revealed that Deion never got in trouble as a young kid apart from the time he was caught by the police for throwing rocks at an abandoned house at 7 or 8 years old.

His hard work came to fruition with his legacy being etched in stone. But that did not come without him choosing to walk away from some of his battles. However, he did win the battles that in the end brought him the fame and money that he has today, which teaches how one should know which battles are worth fighting for.

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