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Deion Sanders went guns blazing at the naysayers after his team won their first game of the season. He was hyped up with a 45-42 win against TCU and Coach Prime was not going to let his haters slide so easily.

The press conference that followed broke the internet altogether. Prime blatantly confronted the media that cast their doubts on his program.

However, as he recalls that moment from last year, Coach Prime admits it was a mistake on his part and that he shouldn’t have allowed it to happen again.

Coach Prime Admits He Was Carried Away

During his recent chat with college football analyst Joel Klatt, Deion was asked about his much “animated” press conference against TCU. Although Deion was proud of how things transpired but he admitted that he shouldn’t let his emotions dictate him.

“That was personal,” he said. “I’m sorry it was personal. I think I told somebody, ‘It’s about to go down,’ because it was a little personal. I shouldn’t allow things to get personal.”

Coach Prime made the most out of his early dominance that spanned three weeks. From shunning his haters to bringing millions to Boulder while becoming a national sensation as a coach he gave the entire world a glimpse of what can be. However, that did not sustain throughout the season.

Deion Sanders On Why the Spotlight Faded

When CU was at its peak, Prime was clear in his ambition to climb the summit of college football but as he admitted his team wasn’t equipped to do the same.

“I knew we didn’t have what we needed to play at that level of consistency,” Prime said. “We didn’t have what we needed to play at certain levels against certain teams. We didn’t have everything in-house although we may have believed that we could compete with them.”

Deion did assemble a good team for his debut season but it was only when CU was at its peak that the difference between a good and a great team started to reflect.

Explaining to Klatt, Deion said that it was in adverse times that the weaknesses started to show up.

“In the trenches, I knew in the skill positions we got that,” he added. “But when it comes to those trenches we didn’t have what we needed and that’s what we suffered so guess.”

Coach Prime’s dissatisfaction with some positions was obvious. He started to revamp his entire offensive line as soon as the season ended while also recruiting for other skill positions.

Now that Prime has shifted gears in recruitment in this offseason, CU remains one of the teams in college football to keep an eye on.

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