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Coach Prime made the most out of his 4th of July celebrations as he took a much-needed trip to Miami. To enjoy the special day, Deion Sanders booked a yacht for his close ones, but especially for his pastor friend E. Dewey Smith, Jr. in order to celebrate his birthday.

When Deion Jr. was giving a tour of the yacht, one thing that stood out was Coach Prime’s watch. Upon a closer look, the timepiece turned out to be a Rado Integral Diamonds 31 Ref.R20104712 that retails for $2,500 on Rado’s official website.

The reason why it stood out was despite Prime being a flamboyant personality who earns a hefty paycheck chose to wear an elegant yet dynamic timepiece that is pocket-friendly for many watch enthusiasts.

However, with that, Prime made a statement that in his private space, he chooses to be sophisticated in his own way. But when it’s time to get flashy, he could get the attention of the world.

Prime during his yacht tour mentioned how he hasn’t “relaxed like this in a long time.” It was apparent that it was refreshing for him to meet his old friends while enjoying the fireworks on the 4th of July.

Deion Sanders’ Pastor Friend, E. Dewey Smith, Jr.

For those who follow Deion on social media know how much wisdom he has in him. He stems his motivation from within but also he surrounds himself with people who match his energy. Such is his friend and pastor, E. Dewey Smith, Jr.

When Deion Jr. asked how he met Coach Prime, Smith recalled, “I met him in 2002. He still was in the league he was in DC at the time. We were at a Men’s Conference and we hit it off immediately man. Down through the years we just established a relationship.”

The Miami getaway was also an occasion to celebrate Smith’s birthday (30th June). The pastor was very thankful for it as he took to his Instagram to note, “HUGE thanks to everyone who showed me some birthday love this week!!! My entire week was PHENOMENAL!!!!! It’s a blessing to be ALIVE!!!! Thanks for EVERYTHING Deion Sanders.”

In IG Prime and the pastor could be seen encouraging each other in their speeches. Prime keeps God at the center of his life and with that he has created a circle of people around him that do the same.

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