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Start off by saying that Deion Sanders is certainly a pioneer for including a DJ to spin records when the team is in practice sessions and in the locker room. DJ Fa’dorah, a Boulder native is one such hire to Coach Prime’s squad but he has more plans than just being the CU beatmaster.

In a recent CU vlog post via Reach the People Media, DJ Fa’dorah dished his plans to revive an all-time classic, which is Deion Sanders’ ‘Must Be the Money’. The song was originally released in 1994, with a music video so iconic that the pink suit has been etched in the memories of football fans of that time.

 “I got a must be the money remix it’s about to you know what I mean?” DJ Fa’dorah said while spinning his records at 5:30 in the morning when the practice session was still on. “So we going to officially drop that that’s coming soon. But lots of new flavors. We going to try to mix these things with a little bit of instrumental, a little bit of trap, a little bit of old school you know what I’m saying. It’s surviving in here.”

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DJ Fa’dorah is part of a revolutionary change to turn up the ambiance in a locker room which has started from the confines of the CU facility, under Coach Prime’s leadership. However, the music mastermind certainly knows how to engage the CU fans as much as he engages the players during practices. And re-releasing one of Prime’s gems is certainly one way to do that.

About Prime Time’s One and Only Music Album

Deion Sanders, who in the 90s had his foothold in the spheres of NFL and MLB, challenged himself with a new vocation after he released his one and only music album on 26th December 1994, via Hammer’s Bust It Record label. Although the album did not find success but it certainly gave the world a musical gem in the form of ‘Must Be The Money’.

The album which included 16 tracks, peaked after ranking No. 70 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums while also ranking No. 14 on the Top Heatseekers. Later in 2005, Deion Sanders released a remix version of his old album via Bungalo Records, which included two versions of ‘Must Be The Money’.

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