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Entering the top-tier class of A-list celebrities is never easy. It comes with a lot of eyeballs and a new circle of people to be around. Travis Kelce entered this elite class of celebrity status in a very short period of time but as it appears he has managed to keep his past life in touch.

After his relationship with Taylor Swift, he clearly hasn’t been able to focus much outside of football or attending the Swifties. However, one of his old friends who is also an ex-MLB player appreciated him for maintaining the same bond that they used to share before despite all the attention on him.

While talking to the Milwaukee Brewers star Christian Yelich in his Diggin’ Deeppodcast, former Kansas City Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer recalled his time in KC before Patrick Mahomes arrived. 

Eric Hosmer Salutes Travis Kelce For Keeping His Roots

Hosmer when talking about his association with football players stated how he used to be close friends with the Chiefs’ TE. He said,

“When I was in Kansas City, [Jarrod] Dyson and I were pretty much the only young guys on the team, single at the time, we were going out and having fun and all that. And Travis Kelce would always come along. So we ended up becoming tight with him. It was Travis and a running back named Charcandrick Ward (mistaken for Charcandrick West), number 35. So we would always kind of link up, we would hang out.”

However, what made Travis earn Hosmer’s respect was how well he managed to keep a good bond with him despite his massive rise in fame.

“To see that whole thing spiral out, I mean he is A-list of A-list celebrities right now. But just to know who he was before and he hasn’t changed… he’s the same guy. Obviously, there’s a lot more attention that comes along with it but the respect factor for me is off the charts because like I said if I’m out there winning MVPs I’m not answering any of you guys’ phone calls,” Hosmer said to his co-hosts.

It is certainly phenomenal for Travis to keep himself attached to his roots while also rocking the world with Taylor Swift. This clearly demonstrates how much Kelce values good friendships and how authentic he is as a person.

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