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Deion Sanders has become a highly desired brand in NCAA football because of his old-school ways of coaching which comes with its own pros and cons for the players getting associated with it. He maintains one of the strictest standards in college football and one of his players got a taste of it on the very first day of spring practice.

Setting the bar high, Coach Prime makes sure to discipline his players not just for a career in the NFL but also to prepare them for the life ahead. One unfortunate player became an example for the entire locker room during the team meeting of CU. The player’s phone alarm rang up in full volume disturbing Coach Prime’s morning speech.

The moment was caught on camera by Deion Sanders Jr., via Well Off Media on YouTube. It was a bold way to set the precedent within the locker room on the very first day of practice.

“Who’s that?” Coach Prime asked. “Huh? Who is it?”

Although the identity of the player was not known, but one thing was certain, that he wouldn’t be able to practice with the team for two days straight.

“Get out, for the whole day. I don’t want to see you again till Wednesday. What does it say on the doors? No phones, no what else? We can’t get there? We can’t read? The standard is the standard, and I’ll be dirty if I’m going to change the standard.”

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It was a power move pulled by Coach Prime to show the team that survival in Boulder isn’t easy under him. And that only the ones with discipline would be under his radar. However, this was not the first time Prime kicked a player out during spring practice.

Deion Sanders Is At His Prime Strictness During Spring

Kicking a player out on the very first day of Spring practice is though a big hit to the morale of the player but Prime makes sure his team understands what discipline he upholds in his facility. And by the look of it, it appears as if the smallest of mistakes can’t get past Coach Prime.

Almost exactly a year ago, Deion kicked a player out of the CU gym for wearing white color socks since Prime has a rule of only black socks inside his facility.

It’s a no-brainer that Prime wants his locker room to be elite and the best in college football since many players want to be a part of it but only the toughest and the most disciplined have a chance to survive.

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