“65% or 70% African Americans”: Deion Sanders Explains How Ethnicity Of Atlanta Tempted Him To Get Drafted By the Falcons

"I'm Sick Of Everybody In the Country Talking About NIL": Professor Prime Deion Sanders Explains How NIL Is Widely Misunderstood In His First Class At CU

Deion Sanders once again donned the hat of Professor Prime to teach his class another lesson on ‘Public Performance and Leadership’ at CU.

During the lecture, Prime took his class back to 1989 when he appeared in the NFL Draft. The draft kickstarted with Troy Aikman getting selected as the number one overall pick by the Dallas Cowboys. However, Deion revealed he refused to go to the Packers, the Lions, and the Chiefs who were the next three in the order, but instead had his eyes set on the Falcons, who eventually drafted him.

“Why was Atlanta the city for me?” Deion explained. “Because the ethnicity of Atlanta probably at that time was what? 65% or 70% African Americans. And they would understand this young ignorant kid with a neck full of jewelry that was unapologetic about everything he said and done. They would get it. The reason I know that because when I was a senior we went on an All-American trip to Atlanta it was for Kodak All-American or one of those All-American teams, and we went to Atlanta.”

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“We get off the plane and I’m seeing everything in the airport chocolate,” he added. “So we get out the driver that’s driving us from the airport to the hotel, black. The people that’s checking you in are black. Now we had to go do this charity work at one of the local hospitals, first time in my life I seen black doctors and nurses. So I’m like ‘Oh my god I’ve never seen nothing like this before.’ The Chief of police black… I made up my mind right there ‘This is where I want to go this is what I want.’ I had never experienced nothing like that and it was phenomenal.”

How Deion Sanders Transformed Atlanta?

When Prime Time arrived in Atlanta, it was little known that the city which was ridiculed with the name, Loserville would host one of the brightest sporting talents of the last decade of the 20th century. Deion’s authenticity and flamboyance brought the city of Atlanta a new life in sports.

The city gravitated towards Deion’s bold and unapologetic style, something which he displayed in his debut game for the Falcons, after returning a punt for a touchdown. He served his rookie contract with the Falcons and during those five years, his impact was certainly felt throughout the metropolis of Atlanta.

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